• Alejandro Echeverría

    Alejandro Echeverría

    I write about tech and impact, life and nosense fiction. I am a Zen practitioner, a maker and was a waiter back in the day. Not so popular thoughts sometimes.

  • Hillary Predko

    Hillary Predko

    I make things, think about design and feminism, and organize communities. Co-founder of Little Dada. @socialbodylab AiR. Writer for @SupplyframeHW

  • Marty Walsh

    Marty Walsh

    Mayor of @CityofBoston

  • Salvatore Ambulando

    Salvatore Ambulando

  • Ryan L. Thomas

    Ryan L. Thomas

    Investigating spatial politics in urbanism and security — US Army Officer • Designer/Cartographer • Urban Geographer • Harvard GSD — My opinions are my own.

  • Michele Hovet

    Michele Hovet

    Love innovation, gov tech, leadership, data and making a difference in peoples lives thru tech - innovation Director ~comments are mine~

  • Andrew Do

    Andrew Do

    Living Austin, TX from Tdot. Civic design @civiqueso . Advisory @digitaljustlab . Producer in quotable snark. In search of perfectly ripe & juicy mangoes.

  • Atefeh Tajij

    Atefeh Tajij

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