Tinkering with what already exists

Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Early Adopter Cohort

Credit: Left image, Liane Yue, Right image, Liz Cormack

Housing Innovation Competition: Co-Creating Boston’s Future-Decker

Boston Public Library Outdoor Wifi Pop-Ups

  • How do the BPL outdoor Wi-Fi zones support residents’ needs, and which elements of these spaces could be adapted or improved in the future?
  • How can the project support local community resilience?
  • In what ways might these outdoor Wi-Fi zones inform future BPL offerings?

Housing with Public Assets

New EC space left and right mural by Mz. Icar, center mural by Alex Cook

The Engagement Center (EC)

Small programming space, mural by Alex Cook
Staff space, mural by Alex Cook
  • How can we create a welcoming space that can support the core mission of meeting people where they are in their journey with substance use issues?
  • Can we translate four years of prototyping, learning and iteration into a building design?
  • How do we transition from a pilot project in a tent to a full fledged building?



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